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Tour of Galle Fort

Galle Fort was established by the Portuguese in the C15th, and was completed by the Dutch 100 years later. The British came in the C18th, and in 1988 it was designated a World Heritage Site.

Visit the Ramparts around sunset, and enjoy the retail therapy that is available!


Patna is another fascinating and unusual place located to Deniyaya town just outside of Sinharaja rainforest. This site has a nature water slide and is an ideal place to have fun with your friends and family among enchanting nature. The water is cold and refreshing. Sliding is always so much fun but sometimes when the water steam is low it’s hard to have a smooth slide. If you wish to slide you must be aware of water level first.


There are many Buddhist temples in the area. Well worth a visit, especially on Poya (full moon day).

Tea Trail

Visit our own ‘Udumullagoda and Yakkalamulla tea factories’ to discover what goes into making your favorite cup of tea.

Rain Forest

Visit one of the world’s 21 Biodiversity Hot Spots – Kanneliya Rainforest,  The forest complex designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO. The Kanneliya complex is the last large remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka. 

Kottawa Rainforest

The forest boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna. You might see monkeys, snakes, chameleons, extensive birdlife and a vast range of tropical trees, plants and flowers. Also you can have a nature bath and swim at Kottawa pool with beautiful views.

Whale Watching

Between December and April, take a boat trip to see these amazing creatures just an hour or so off the southern coast.  A truly enthralling experience.

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